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MP3s from Carl Culpepper

The following excerpts are from Amplitude.

A short description of the guitar/amp combinations is included with each clip.

All the downloads on this page are mp3 format encoded at 128kbps.

      The following clips are complete song demos from S.A.S. (Carl - Guitar, Fish - Vocals, David Hyde - Bass, Jeff Beach - Drums).

All songs feature the amazing 18 watt Venator Woodstock amplifier with a Dr. Z 2x12 cabinet.

TOMCATTIN' SOLO - Solo: Les Paul Standard and Fender Deluxe Reverb. Rhythm guitars: Strat and Venator head. Melodies: Strat and Deluxe Reverb.
GOOD TIMES, BAD TIMES - Guitar used: Les Paul Standard.

THE AERIALIST SOLO - Rhythm guitars: American Series Strat & '57 Reissue Strat with Fender Deluxe Reverb. Solo: American Series Strat into the POD.
SOUTHBOUND - Guitar used: Fender American Stratocaster.

CARTWHEELS EXCERPT - Rhythm and lead guitars: Les Paul and  Strat with a humbucker into a '73 Marshall Super Lead 100. Acoustic guitar: Ovation Custom Legend.
LITTLE WING - Guitar used: Fender American Stratocaster.


carl and jason live

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