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Digital Downloads:
Kitten With A Whip (single) and Amplitude (EP version) now on iTunes!

Mad Margritt Show No Mercy On iTunes:

CDs: Amplitude

For sound clips from Amplitude, go to the Sounds page. And for more information than anyone could ever possibly want to know about the making of the CD, click here.

A limited number of physical copies of Amplitude are left.  It can be purchased directly from me at any live show while supplies last.

Currently, physical copies of Amplitude are also available on a limited basis at

Guitar Books: Terrifying Technique for Guitar

TTFG is a book that is comprised of many of the exercises that I've used over the years to develop my own technical skills. The goal of this book is to provide you with the materials to help you develop your technique in a way that you can apply to your own style. So if you don't like the way I play, you might still like the book! It's not a book of trick licks (although much of the material can be used to create licks), nor is it an exploration of my personal guitar style. I wrote TTFG for Hal Leonard Corporation in 1995 (published in 1996). And therefore it has no direct correlation to my CD, Amplitude (which was released in early 2005); although, there is an early version of "Cartwheels" at the end of the demonstration CD. And no, I didn't name this book (someone at HLC decided on the name). But if you master all the exercises in it, everyone will be afraid, very afraid...

Click on the image of Terrifying Technique for Guitar to buy it from

Guitar Transcriptions: Various

For those interested in one of the many authorized guitar transcription folios and guitar "personality" books that I've done, most of these books are available through the usual retail outlets including: Tower Records,, Guitar Center, and hundreds of local music stores worldwide. If you're looking for one that is out of print, you might try ebay. Unfortunately, I don't have any extra copies that I can offer online.

More merchandise coming soon! Keep checking back.

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